Discover who’ll be there, then plan to connect.

Find out ahead of time if someone you know will be at your next destination.


Why Intercept?


Your travel plans remain completely confidential and you will only receive notifications when your layover aligns with friends and colleagues.

Plan Ahead

Know ahead of time who you’re intercepting with so you have time to connect and make plans before your trip begins.

Hassle Free

The Intercept app is easy to manage and designed to fit into your busy travel life, not become your life.

How Intercept Works

In a few simple steps you can have your Intercept app up and running.


1. Create Your Profile

After you download the app follow the on-screen instructions to set up your new Intercept profile.

2. Create Your Buddy List

Invite your friends, family or anyone that you like to spend time with to use the Intercept app with you.

3. Add Your Destinations

Enter your future destinations with the easy-to-use calendar interface.

4. Plan to Meet Up

The Intercept app will send you a notification whenever you and a Buddy will be in the same place, so you can plan ahead to meet up.


With the Intercept app, you can discover which of your friends will be at your next destination long before you get there!

Have you ever been on a trip, out around town, or at an event and run into someone you know? Did you wish you had known beforehand that they were going to be there, so that you had more time to catch up? The Intercept App solves that problem by notifying the two of you well in advance that you are going to be at the same place – whether it’s a sporting event, concert, festival, convention or even an airport layover.

This app is not a shared calendar or message board. It’s a mobile app network that monitors your future destinations, and informs you ahead of time if someone you know will also be there. The app can predict “Intercepts” with people you know at tens of thousands of locations such as:

  • Major College Stadiums
  • Major Professional Stadiums
  • Convention Centers
  • Theme Parks
  • Ski Resorts
  • Major Arenas
  • U.S. and Foreign Cities
  • U.S. and Foreign Airports & Air Bases

You can also select your future destinations by putting a pin on the map and telling the app how far from the pin to search for your Buddies. It’s as simple as that! The app constantly monitors your destinations and sends you a message if any of your Buddies also plan to be there.

We hope that you find the app useful!

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